“Ohio artists Rick Good and Sharon Leahy are beginning a new era, bringing their quarter century of experience and leading the way for the traditional arts to merge even tighter with the contemporary. A musician and a dancer, playing together, picking, singing, dancing, acting, writing songs, orchestrating bands, choreographing dancers, producing shows—creating art that pays respect to our culture and at the same time moves us into a new vision.”

Marsha Hanna – former Artistic Director
Human Race Theater Company

“Sharon Leahy and Rick Good don’t fit into boxes… They have created their own art form and have used it to touch, inspire, and entertain audiences… Anyone who has seen them would agree that they function like a single entity, a single artist whose artistry spans and entails many different and diverse disciplines… Sharon and Rick approach dance, music, and theater from a unique, holistic standpoint that helps them create works that engage the imagination and enthrall the spirit.”

Neal Gittleman – Conductor
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

“Combining a bottomless trove of traditional music influences spanning across the U.S., Europe and beyond with smart, original choreography only begins to get at the work Sharon and Rick have created… I’ve seen Sharon shift from clogging to cutting edge choreography on a dime and marveled at Rick’s original music… They are, without question, two of the most creative and fearless artists I have seen in action, comfortable in any setting, open and at ease in any community.”

Dave Barber – Director of Programs

“Rick and Sharon are astonishing in their ability to create from traditional dance and music forms performance work that is engaging, new, and yet anchored in the aesthetics inherent in the traditional material their work is based on. This is hard to do and wonderful to see when it works—and they make it work… Their creations are endowed with wit, humour, and a beauty woven from a sense of history, humanity, and social justice.”

Sam Miller – former Executive Director
Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival
New England Foundation for the Arts