Rick Good, Sharon Leahy, Sam Bartlett, Abby Ladin and
Ben Cooper
, and also, on occasion, Linzay Young, Emma Young and Nate Cooper

illustration by Sam Bartlett

This September 9 – 10, 2023, we return to Remus, MI with an expanded Family of dancers and musicians for the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Wheatland Music Festival.

Joining Rick, Sharon, Sam, Abby and Ben for this really big show will be dancers Emma Young, Becky Hill, Meredith Krygowski, Evie Ladin, Beth, Grace and Violet Wright, and musicians Linzay Young and Tom T. Ball.

Last summer, The Family Business spent a great three days at Wheatland’s Traditional Arts Weekend, leading up to Memorial Day and returned a few months later to perform on the Centennial Stage at the 49th Annual Wheatland Music Festival September 10 & 11.

On the Mainstage at Wheatland

After a Friday night concert set featuring mostly original songs and tunes, Saturday and Sunday found us teaching workshops in Clogging, Tap Dancing, Line Dancing and Banjo, as well as playing for a square dance and Stuntology.

Square Dance Band with Eric and Dave

It was a welcome return to hitting the road, playing music, teaching, jamming and visiting with old friends.

Campground Jam session

With our old pals, Connie Jo and Doug